Custom Subliminal - Silent Subliminal - Subliminal Persuasion

With all of the technology out now and the ability to make a custom subliminal or silent subliminal system right from your computer, who in the heck wants to listen to one of those generic subliminal tapes anymore?

If you do, have a seat and listen up!

Custom Subliminal - Silent Subliminal - Subliminal Persuasion offers you, all your friends and the rest of the world the first training system to show you how to create your own custom subliminal, silent subliminal or subliminal persuasion system for any application you want to, for business or personal use.

Custom Subliminal

With, custom subliminal means that you can write the commands that go into the subliminal track AND you can use your own voice for the subliminal commands vs. a computer generated voice. Another crucial component to "custom subliminal" is that you can record your own subliminal messages with ANY music that you like. You like Britney Spears, no problem. You like a Disney movie soundtrack, use it. If you are making a subliminal message recording for someone else, to persuade someone else or seduce someone else, it would be wise to use the music or songs that they like, don't you agree?

Silent Subliminal

Not all subliminal messages need to be hidden behind a song or music, some subliminal messages are silent subliminal messages.

The term "silent subliminal audio system" is somewhat of an oxymoron. I will try to clear up any confusion you may have about this.

The term "silent subliminal" was coined by a guy named Oliver M. Lowery in 1992. He even got a patent on his system.

For further investigation, see United States Patent 5,159,703, Lowery, October 27, 1992 Silent Subliminal Presentation System, Inventors: Lowery, Oliver M. Appl. No. 458339 Filed December 28, 1989.

You can find the frequencies he used and what he did in the actual patent. This was before sound software and computers where so widely available and, frankly, cheap. Another thing, these recording studios used to take up a whole room in 1990. Now you can do the same thing on the computer that is sitting on your desk!! We show you how to do this in SSE Advanced 1 and SSE Advanced 2. Another thing worth mentioning is a rumor that is floating around the subliminal world and that is that this was used for military applications. A silent subliminal message was piped through the enemies radios that "I am scared" "I am hungry" "I am going to die" etc... and it had a devastating effect on the enemy and they surrendered by the thousands. If you look at the dates, you can probably figure out what it was. I have no proof of this, it is simply a rumor that I found interesting.

The point is that silent subliminal are simply a subliminal message without any sound mask, music or song to hide it.

May people believe that a subliminal message without a sound mask would just sound like someone talking normally. This is not the case. That is "Subliminal Messages 101" and is basically a novelty more than anything else. A real subliminal message without the sound mask sounds like "little mice squeaking" over and over. From a sound engineering perspective, this is simply taking the normal sound of the voice and jacking it up to the frequency that you have chosen so that it doesn't compete with the sound mask. It is the exact same profile of the sound, it is just way up in the frequency range. In laymanís terms, it is up in the range of treble on your radio. If you crank your treble way up on your radio, that is what I am talking about. That is high frequency. When you run subliminal messages at the correct volume on this high frequency without a sound mask, people who notice it will think that they are hearing birds or mice, or "just hearing things". If it is too noticeable, just turn down the volume until you only hear it if you focus on it. At any volume level, you can not understand consciously what is being said in the commands. It is also worth noting that you can record the subliminal messages in any language that you want to.

Subliminal messages will always be used for power, politics, profit and persuasion. It has nothing to do with what I do or say or what you do or say. That's just the way it is and the way it will always be.

From one friend to another, I would encourage you to use custom subliminal messages for what YOU want to use them for on a daily basis. There is really no telling how many subliminal advertisements we are hit with every day, but I'd estimate it at about 3000 to 4000.

It's pretty obvious what happens if you don't offset this with what YOU want...

Again, subliminal messages will always be used for power, politics, profit and persuasion which leads us into our next topic...

Subliminal Persuasion

Let me give you a basic list of what subliminal messages are used for ALL the time. This is also known as subliminal messaging or Mensajes Subliminales - Mensaje Subliminal - Publicidad Subliminal - Subliminales.

Subliminal Advertising Messages

Subliminal Messages in Music

Subliminal Messages Hidden in Movies

Subliminal Tapes

Subliminal CDs

Subliminal MP3s

Silent Subliminal

Subliminal Persuasion

Subliminal Learning

Sexual Subliminal Seduction

Subliminal Images

Subliminal Cartoons

Subliminal Hypnosis

Subliminal Guided Imagery

Subliminal Meditation

Subliminal Therapy

Subliminal Commercials

Make your own subliminal messages with SSE Advanced 1 & SSE Advanced 2. In these 2 systems, you will learn everything you need to know about how to make your own subliminal messages and how to record your own subliminal messages and more...

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-How to Use the Script to Create the Subliminal Track.
-How to mix this in with the Sound Mask (any song or sound effect) that you want to hear.
-How to Phrase the Hypnotic Subliminal Commands.
-Over 1000 ready-made Hypnotic Subliminal Suggestions.
-Sound Mask, Sound Effects, Hypnosis & Binaural Beats/ Tones.
-BONUS #1 - More on Binaural Beats & Tones.
-BONUS #2 - Over 100 ready-made Hypnotic Sexual Improvement Suggestions.

This gives you all the training you'll need on Advance Subliminal Recording & Mixing. Each custom system that you burn for someone can go for $50-$75 or more for a 15 minute recording. Then your cost of delivery is reduced to $0.00.

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You don't need extra time, don't need extra money, don't need to be a technical person, don't have to worry about hurting others or yourself. And this isn't illegal. The applications are limitless. From body building to ballet. From public speaking to romance.

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